Watch the solstice sunrise over Newgrange online [Video]

RTE Newgrange Video

RTE Newgrange VideoIrish broadcaster RTEhas released video of the mid-winter sunrise at Newgrange. The 24 minute video shows the sun rise over the Boyne valley and illuminate the central passage of the Newgrange complex.

Watch the sunrise at Newgrange on RTE’s website here. Skip to minute 14 to see the beginning of the event.

This year’s solstice occurred on the same day as a total lunar eclipse, the first time this had happened in 400 years. This year’s solstice sunrise was obscured by snow clouds, which have been hanging over the country for much of the past three weeks.

The video was recorded at sunrise at 8:45 GMT, an hour previously our reporter Darren Mccarra was took this image of the total lunar eclipse over Ireland.

From our first report yesterday

On December 21 each year the Irish, who are lucky enough to be awarded tickets, are invited to watch the winter sunrise illuminate the inner chamber of the ancient Newgrange passage. On the morning of the shortest day of the year the rising sun enters through a small window above the central entrance and lights up the inner passage of the burial mound.


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