The Postman Patrick series [Videos]

Postman Patrick sand
Postman Patrick sand

Update: We’ve added four more hilarious videos recently uploaded by Johnny Yacuntya.

The hole in the road

The rabbit

Jess stops screaming

The sand

There’s no denying that since November of this year Postman Patrick, the Postman Pat spoof by former YouTube user johnser007, has spread virally across the internet and become extremely popular of late – Ireland’s very own viral.

However, last week all videos were removed from YouTube due to a copyright infringement claim made by Classic Media, the producers of the original Postman Pat series, to the dismay of many of johnser007’s fans. Since then johnser007 has set up a personal profile on Facebook and has uploaded all the highly popular Postman Patrick videos onto the Facebook platform.

For your convenience we’ve collated and embedded each Postman Patrick video below. As always, expect very strong language and feel free to share your thoughts in the comments.

Peter rocks

Peter rocks (alternative ending)

The go-kart


Broken glasses

In the snow

In the snow 2


The sheep

The bird

The kite

The bus

The bus (part two)

F1 van

Paint on van


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