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DataRPM is in Germany hosting 2 must-see panels on big data, AI, IoT, machine learning transformation

DataRPM is in Germany hosting 2 must-see panels on big data, AI, IoT, machine learning transformation

Global expert in cognitive technology DataRPM is hosting two panels in Germany covering how big data, AI, the IoT, and machine learning are transforming industries.

The first panel takes place today in Berlin and will assemble an elite group of Industry 4.0 pioneers, researchers, and experts from Germany and around Europe.

Berlin, September 14: Applied Machine Learning & AI for the Industrial IoT (IIoT)

The agenda will be centered on how applied machine learning for Industry 4.0 is revolutionizing production processes across industries.

big data, ai, iot, machine learning

Seth Page

With Senior Partner at Dell Technologies Select Aidan O’Brien as the moderator, the panel consists of Michael Ger, General Manager of Industrial Manufacturing and Automotive Solutions at HortonworksGus Horn, Global Big Data/Hadoop Ambassador at NetApp; and Seth Page, EVP of Partnerships and Corporate Business Development at DataRPM.

Together, these industry experts will address the questions:


  • How do I apply Machine Learning & Autonomous AI in real-world manufacturing?
  • Demystifying the Industrial IOT: What exactly is it all about?
  • What do you really mean by Smart Factories, Digital Twins & Connected Machines?
  • How do I make Predictive Maintenance actually Cognitive, Self-Learning and Scalable?
  • What is a Data Lake and why do I need one for Industrial IOT Sensor Data?
  • What monetary and infrastructural investments will I be required to make upfront?
  • What challenges am I expected to face before, during, and after Implementation?
  • What are the End-Result Benefits going to be, and how do they compare with the Total Cost of Ownership?

Munich, September 27: The Automotive IOT: Shrinking the Distance from Sensors to Insights to Outcomes with Autonomous AI & Automated Machine Learning

The second panel hosted by DataRPM takes place in Munich on September 27. The event will bring together an exclusive ensemble of IIoT thought leaders, domain experts and break-away entrepreneurs to discuss the role of AI, Machine Learning and IIoT in revamping the Automotive Industry.

Once again, Michael Ger, Gus Horn, and Seth Page will be presenting, along with Dr. Robert Nahm, Automotive Industry Manager at Microsoft Deutschland GmbH.

Together they will discuss:

  • The Industrial IOT – The necessary & long awaited disruption of conventional 20th-century Manufacturing
  • Democratizing Machine Learning, AI & Data Science: Truth or Myth?
  • Why simple AI doesn’t cut it anymore: The Rise of Autonomous AI
  • If Machine Learning has been around since 1952, why should manufacturers suddenly care about it now?
  • Bridging the Digital Divide through Transformation to actually achieve your Business Goals
  • The New Age of Collaborative Field Operations: making highly-efficient, productive & safe working environments possible

DataRPM, a Progress company, is a pioneer in cognitive technology and is on a mission to transform the future of Industrial IoT through disruptive cognitive data science. It enables asset-intensive organizations to achieve a fail-proof environment, maximizing the yield of their mission-critical assets.

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