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The HP TouchPad is being discontinued only one month after arriving in Ireland

Defunct HP TouchPad now an Amazon bestseller

After last week's surprise announcement by HP that it would "discontinue operations for webOS devices", sales of such, specifically the HP TouchPad, have never been so good. As consumers scramble to avail of heavily discounted TouchPad offers in the US and Canada, and now the UK, HP's tablet device has today reached the number one spot on Amazon's electronics bestseller list.
Hacks Hub Infographic: Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 vs. Apple iPad 2 vs. HP TouchPad vs. LG G-Slate

How the iPad 2 compares to other tablets [Infographic]

With the iPad 2 set to go on sale in the US tomorrow, and March 25 for the rest of us, how does it compare against other tablet competitors? Skattertech have created a helpful graphic that compares, at least technically, the iPad 2 and its three main, and as yet unreleased, competitors - the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10, the HP Touchpad and the LG G-Slate.