The Sociable Podcast – The Cannabis Industry with High NY Founder Michael Zaytsev

In this episode, we will take a look at the US’ budding cannabis industry, which took in over $6 billion of revenue last year and shows no signs of slowing down.

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To discuss this topic I spoke with Michael Zaytsev, an Award Winning Entrepreneur, Best Selling Author, and Leadership Coach.

Using his corporate knowledge and history from working at Google and JP Morgan, Michael was able to transfer this skillset and combine it with his interest in America’s growing cannabis scene.

He now works as a strong advocate and pioneer in the US’ cannabis industry. He has presented TedTalks on the subject and has founded High NY, one of the world’s largest cannabis meet up groups, in addition to contributing to many top-tier publications such as Entrepreneur and Forbes.

Sam Brake Guia

Sam is an energetic and passionate writer/presenter, always looking for the next adventure. In August 2016 he donated all of his possessions to charity, quit his job, and left the UK. Since then he has been on the road travelling through North, Central and South America searching for new adventures and amazing stories.

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