Android Market celebrates 10 billion app downloads with 10-day sale

10 billion Android apps downloaded
10 billion Android apps downloaded

Android’s app store, the Android Market, has exceeded 10 billion app downloads and to celebrate has kicked-off a generous 10-day sale. The sale, which started yesterday, will feature a new selection of apps available each day for just 10 cents each for the duration of the sale.

The growth of the Android Market has been phenomenal since the beginning of this year. In March three billion Android apps had been downloaded, 4.5 billion by May, six billion by July and shooting upwards to 10 billion at the start of December – some 233% growth in the number of app downloads since March.

Android Market reaches 10 billion app downloads milestone in December 2011
Android Market reaches 10 billion app downloads milestone in December 2011

The apps taking part in Android’s 10-day sale are well-known and include the likes of SoundHound and Minecraft, representing savings of around 98% and 99% off their normal Android Market prices respectively.

Android Market had also made a few small changes to its website, reports The Next Web. Device handset models and app version numbers are now listed beside reviewer comments, making it easier for other Android users to make informed decisions as to whether specific apps are suitable for their device, but also to allow developers to immediately identify issues that may arise with specific handset devices. Also, user reviews now have dedicated URLs so they can be linked to directly.

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