Accefy: Securing Spaces For Coexisting

February 4, 2022


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Even before the pandemic, there was a shift occurring in workplace culture. What started as only 14 coworking spaces in the US in 2007, grew to over 4,000 in 2017. Since, the number of people in these spaces has escalating, now projected to hit over one million in 2022 in the US alone.

Even still, the pandemic changed society’s perspective about the safety of sharing space with large numbers of people we don’t personally know. We have seen this portrayed in many facets of society—with abandoned office buildings, empty malls, a mass exodus from multiple cities, and many schools going online. 

So, how do we make coexisting spaces feel safe again? Enter Accefy, an intelligent hardware and software solution, to provide you with a futuristic experience in managing common spaces safely and comfortably from your cell phone. Let’s take a look at some of the features this company’s application has to offer. 

Safety in a Variety of Spaces

Since the pandemic, many are trying to avoid unnecessary contact with people, although it comes in varying degrees for different people. That, and population growth have made for a larger need of data of spaces where people coexist. Streamlining traffic, controlling the number of people in a space, and limiting interaction with doors, locks, or biometric readers have become increased priorities when it comes to shared spaces.

Accefy’s application for your mobile device can be applied in a variety of common spaces.

In coworking spaces, using a unique process of assigning or revoking access codes and the remote management of doors, the app can increase security to customers, suppliers, and visitors. The solution makes access control an added value and simplifies its management while maximizing security in corporate spaces, office, production, and storage areas. Helping to better control the often constant traffic of people and vehicles in these places, the app eliminates the need for cards or keys that cost a lot to replace and often represent a permanent expense in many companies.

In residential spaces, Accefy facilitates the circulation of neighbors within building facilities, without putting a person’s safety at risk. Increasing the accessibility and approachability of monitoring common areas such as parking lots, lobbies, gyms, swimming pools, gardens, and tracks or courts, the system makes it easy to change the access profiles of a tenant who has left the building without having to change all of the locks and all the keys—saving both time and money.

For educational centers, there are many in and out, while adequate protection must be provided to identify users and prevent intrusions by unauthorized persons in specific areas. The Accefy system gives those responsible for security detailed information on entrances and exits, making evacuations possible in the event of an emergency. In addition, the identification of students when accessing classrooms allows teachers of face-to-face subjects not to have to take a roll call and already know who has attended class.

Finally, common spaces such as malls are inundated with a large amount of daily movement and people. The company helps to control access in loading and unloading areas, and grants permits or can revoke them quickly—helping to avoid intrusions in restricted areas.

Secure and Efficient System Operations

Fortunately, the startup helps to eliminate management fees, unnecessary staff, and costly equipment maintenance. The app does this by compiling management, control, and governance of income and expenses into different spaces and experiences with a simple, secure and efficient system. 

An entirely digital interface, the app’s “smart reader” can be used on any smartphone, via Bluetooth, and is capable of being integrated with your already installed locks—whether electromagnetic or electromechanical. This makes the transition to their software simple and low in cost.

Real-time reports allow greater control of who and when income and exit access is given, helping to obtain useful data to measure any of the relative metrics for your space, e.g. work hours of employees or number of people currently in a large shared space. Accefy provides a system that cannot be copied or cloned, and provides security to your facilities, instantly assigning or revoking access from anywhere—saving time, money and resources.

The company creates an ecosystem to automate access, and is fully customizable in accordance to the needs of any type of space or user. With a convenient subscription charge model, the startup utilizes smart technology to make security in coexisting spaces easy to use and manageable at the tip of your fingers—helping to evolve common spaces for the future.


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