Google launches Boost, a local business advertising solution

A search for Italian restaurants in Dublin
A search for Italian restaurants in Dublin
A search for Italian restaurants in Dublin
A search for Italian restaurants in Dublin

In an official blog post Google have announced the availability of Google Boost, an online advertising solution that aims to make it easier for local business owners to begin advertising on Google.

According to Kiley McEvoy, Product Manager, Google Boost “enables business owners to easily create online search ads from directly within their Google Places account”. Unlike other Google advertising solutions like Google AdWords, no additional ad management is needed after the ad’s initial setup. The service is still in beta and is currently only available “to select local businesses in San Francisco, Houston and Chicago”.

Google Boost ads can appear in the “Sponsored Links” section of Google search pages, and also on Google Maps search result pages.

The main benefit of Google Boost over other solutions is Boost’s automatic ad management capabilities. It decides what keywords may trigger your ad, and intelligently delivers the best return on investment for you. All Boost ads are cost per click based and basic ad performance data can be viewed from your Google Places dashboard.

With Boost, Google appears to be courting business owners directly in an effort to sell advertising. Changing perceptions of online advertising from a task solely undertaken by specialist consultants to one that can be carried out by ‘ordinary people’ is a great way for Google to increase its penetration of the advertising market, especially on a local level.

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