Versature Leads the Way in Digital Transformation with the Launch of Call Analytics Hub — ‘Insights’


Versature, a Canadian provider of SaaS-based business VoIP communications solutions, today announced the launch of its new analytics product line, Insights. This new product line leverages Versature call data to improve customer relationships, increase operational efficiencies, and gamify team and agent performance.

Versature Insights enables businesses to gain unique perspectives and uncover valuable trends based on data generated from phone-based communications. Companies can leverage their Versature call data to create a culture of high-achievement by gamifying individual and team performance, communicate service levels transparently to improve customer relationships, build loyalty, and remain compliant with industry standards and legislative requirements.

“The way businesses communicate has changed for good. Companies can leverage their immensely valuable call data to improve the way they do business,” said Versature CMO, Anastasia Valentine. “With Versature Insights, customers can use the call data they generate every day to identify business trends, improve customer relationships, and create a culture of high performance.”

Technologies in this area are advancing at record speed. Although organizations are rushing to adopt omnichannel communications, a recent Harvard Business Review report revealed that the phone remains the preferred customer service channel.  There is little evidence to indicate that this will change soon. Calls to businesses are expected to reach more than 169 billion per year by 2020.

Customers still prefer to speak to real people on the phone, making a positive caller experience and seamless call flow a top priority for businesses who are committed to delivering a superior level of service. In-depth analytics and key metrics based on call-related activity help businesses ensure their service levels are maintained and exceeded.

Versature delivers more than just a dial-tone by providing Canadian businesses with a superior business phone service, feature-rich caller experience, and call-analytics tools to improve the efficiency of busy organizations.

Disclosure: This article includes a client of an Espacio portfolio company

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