The YCombinator startup using community-based competitions to encourage weight loss (Podcast Episode)


When you get into a slump, it can be hard to pull yourself out. This is something the pandemic made very real for many of us. In fact, according to a survey by Public Health England (PHE), more than 40% of adults in England gained weight during the pandemic, reports the BBC.

Having experienced this firsthand during the pandemic, this served as the motivation that three friends needed to create the YCombinator startup Alfie, the first program for men that combines doctor-prescribed medication, 1:1 health coaching, and community-based competition to help men achieve their weight loss goals. 

In today’s episode, we speak with Alexander Singh, a former Healthcare Consultant turned CEO and co-founder of Alfie, who shares how the interesting story behind why he and his co-founders picked the name Alfie for the company’s name. 

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He also shares how Alfie works and how it separates itself from other companies that provide weight loss programs. 

Singh also goes into detail about what a metabolic review is and why it is important. He also explains how much the service costs along with some specific case studies demonstrating how Alfie’s service has had an impact. 

He also shares how competition is used to achieve weight loss. In fact, according to Singh, when a competitive element is added, men show a 120% activity increase, which the company makes use of by implementing bi-weekly challenges such as step counts and workout competitions. 

And finally, Singh shares his advice for listeners looking to further their startup journey and apply to take part in the Y Combinator program. 

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