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Coldplay most popular brand page on Google+

Coldplay is the most popular brand on Google+ after becoming the first Google+ page to be circled over one million times. The long-formed British rock band has rocketed to the number one spot, having increased their following by some 360,000 Google+ users this month alone.
Guinness Darklife via Irish International

Guinness’s ‘There is more life in the dark’ campaign airs on Irish television

Irish International BBDO is premiering its new international ad for Diagio’s Guinness brand, Dark Life, on Irish television this weekend. The latest in Guinness’s iconic commercials uses state-of-the-art digital post production techniques, as well as some nice Canon 5D digital cameras, to superimpose the famous stout’s head settling over some global cityscapes. It was directed by French director Frederic Planchon and filmed in cities from New York, Bogota & Hong Kong