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Coldplay most popular brand page on Google+

Coldplay's Google+ page
Coldplay's Google+ page

Coldplay is the most popular brand on Google+ after becoming the first Google+ page to be circled over one million times. The long-formed British rock band has rocketed to the number one spot, having increased their following by some 360,000 Google+ users this month alone.

In terms of personal Google+ profiles, American pop singer Britney Spears still leads the herd. Earlier this week Britney became the first person to be circled by over two million people, retaining her title as the most-circled entity overall on Google+.

According to social statistics firm ZoomSphere, the top 10 Google+ Pages in order are: Coldplay, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Pearl Jam, 106 and Park, Team Coco, ESPN, Sugarland, FC Barcelona, Train and Chelsea FC. The difference between number one and number 10 spot is quite large at 452,000.

Five of the top 10 pages on Google+ are mainstream bands, suggesting that maybe Google+ users aren’t all technology fiends as one would imagine. The network apparently hit 90 million users globally last month.

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