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Coldplay most popular brand page on Google+

Coldplay is the most popular brand on Google+ after becoming the first Google+ page to be circled over one million times. The long-formed British rock band has rocketed to the number one spot, having increased their following by some 360,000 Google+ users this month alone.

Now you can add Google+ updates to your email signature

WiseStamp, an email signature service that enhances once plain email signatures with personal social profiles and other content, has added Google Plus to its list of supported partners. WiseStamp exists as a Firefox, Chrome, Thunderbird, Flock and Safari extension and works with all major webmail services like Gmail, Yahoo!, Hotmail and AOL.
Google+ is all about +You
Social Media

Google+ business profiles coming “later this year”

Google has revealed that they are currently working on a version of Google+ for brands and businesses that will debut “later this year”. While many major brands are keen to join Google+, itself only one week into private beta, Google are actively discouraging businesses from using regular Google+ profiles, stating that an “optimal experience” for brands and organisations is on its way.
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