Hangout with David Beckham on Google+

January 15, 2012


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Google are offering Google+ users a chance to hangout (live multi-user chat) with David Beckham, internationally renowned soccer player, later this month – if that’s your sort of thing?

David will be interviewed at Google headquarters in California – which will be broadcast live on YouTube – on Thursday, January 19 at 9am Pacific Time (5pm in the UK and Ireland). Afterward, Google+ users will have an opportunity to hangout directly with David from around 10:30am onwards.

Google+ users are invited to post their own personal interview questions on Google+ with the hashtag #googlebeckham. Both the interview and live hangout session will be posted to YouTube shortly after for later viewing.

Google+ regularly hold live hangout sessions with well-known individuals and personalities in an attempt to bolster network numbers, which in part, does appear to be working.


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Albizu Garcia

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