Sony PS3

PlayStation 4 will be backwards compatible, sort of

Sony's next generation games console will be backwards compatible, but not in the sense that we're accustomed to. The PlayStation 4 (PS4), Sony’s eagerly-awaited entertainment device, won't play current PS3 optical games discs. Instead, backwards compatibility will be delivered using a streaming service whereby games are delivered in real-time over the internet from remote servers.
Sony Online Entertainment (SOE)

Sony hacked again, 93,000 accounts compromised

Sony has in the last 24 hours locked down 93,000 network accounts after detecting a large number of failed sign-in attempts across their entertainment networks. This is most likely a brute-force hacking attempt whereby a large database of username and password pairs are tested against Sony's network via an automated script in the hope that some will match.
Van Persie takes on Chelsea's defense in FIFA 12

Review: FIFA 12, the best football game ever?

For the last few years the FIFA team has been performing minor miracles in improving what has consistently been the best football game around time after time. Each year we laud it as the best football game ever made, and then the following year we're knocked out of the park by the fact that they've managed to find something in there to improve, tweak and revolutionise in order to improve the gameplay experience beyond our wildest dreams. This year has been no different.
The new BBC iPlayer for TV

BBC launch new TV-friendly iPlayer

The BBC has today launched a new TV-friendly version of its video on demand iPlayer service which aims to improve user experience on this medium. The new version is only available to users in the UK initially on the PlayStation 3 console but later rolled out to a myriad of other devices and connected TVs.
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