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If you have ever visited the subreddit VRtoER, you will probably know two things: VR is becoming increasingly common in our everyday lives, and most people still don’t understand how to use it.

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With this technology gaining such momentum, we dedicated this episode to VR and other forms of “extended reality” to see what we can expect in the not too distant future.

Our guest this week is Kain Tietzel, a respected digital thought leader in the Australian VR community, who is the founder and CEO of Start VR, an interactive cinematic virtual reality content studio based out of Sydney.

And for our Weird Wide Web feature, we have a study from Microsoft that claims “Teens say parents share too much about them online.”

VR Experiences from Tietzel:

Project: “Awake: Episode One” on Steam
Project: “Atlas Obscura VR” on Oculus
Disclosure: This episode contains a client of an Espacio portfolio company

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