How SaaS platform Quintype is helping media publications profitably scale


As media publications struggle with dropping advertising revenues, and reduced people power in the newsroom, there is more pressure than ever to find cost-effective tools to streamline processes, and drive revenues.

Furthermore, 39 of the top 50 digital news websites receive greater amounts of traffic on their mobile sites and apps, compared to desktop visits.

Large organizations like Buzzfeed, Vox Media, and Vice, excel at attracting wide audiences, through data-driven tailoring of articles using proprietary platforms. However for many publications this is still a challenge, and building custom fully-integrated mobile-focused digital model can bring high developer costs. Stepping up to that challenge is Quintype.

Quintype is a next generation SaaS platform that has officially launched its data-driven content management and publishing system to help struggling media publications be more sustainable. The platform is now available to the public, after a successful 13-month beta period that saw nearly 30 publishers – including Mother Jones – signing up to use the publishing tools.

“Quintype is making it possible to run a sustainably profitable media business at scale, helping media outlets big and small to thrive, through the use of big data, integrated with smart algorithms,” said CEO and founder Amit Rathore.

Through an intuitive integrated planner, the platform displays the stages of the editorial process and enables editors to assign tasks, set up notifications, and bring teams together to collaborate on new projects. What’s more, writers can select from customizable story templates that include text, multimedia, listicles and live blog updates.

“Big data and predictive analytics tools are no longer only reserved for marketers; companies of all types need targeted content in order to reach their audiences at the right time — and the media production industry is no exception,” added Rathore.

Quintype’s core features center around data-driven insights that allow publishers and marketers to target their content and stories to relevant audiences. A combination of built-in content personalization, email marketing campaign utilities, social media integrations, and SEO tools help organizations to target and engage large audiences.

The platform provides detailed analytics showing top performing stories, sections and authors. Furthermore, native ad solutions mean businesses can also monetize their sites, and measure advertiser ROI.


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