TidyMarketer launches all-in-one SaaS marketing hub for managing campaigns

September 7, 2016


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TidyMarketer launches its all-in-one SaaS marketing hub to plan, coordinate, collaborate, and scale all campaign management from a single platform.

Running a successful marketing campaign requires immense planning across the board. Organizing multiple campaigns is a complex process that requires everyone on the marketing team to be in sync, and simple spreadsheets no longer cut it in an industry that needs to be streamlined like yesterday.

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TidyMarketer allows teams to build comprehensive marketing plans, complete with clear visuals, including projected outcomes and media investments, ready to share with internal teams or external clients. Automated tools remove the need for manual reports, and this helps companies to streamline their work, reduce the risk of human error and ultimately scale operations.

The all-in-one marketing hub is the result of over a decade of marketing experience from Founder and CEO Julia Lera, who has worked at leading organizations including eBay, MySpace and Facebook.

For $25/month, the social technology powering the SaaS platform lets marketers plan, coordinate and manage campaigns, all through one centralized, easy-to-use interface. It is designed to help marketers run successful campaigns from email marketing, to social media, display advertising, PR, events and much more.

“I have seen the frustrations that teams small and large experience managing complex campaigns,” said Lera. “At TidyMarketer we tidy-up the process of planning, coordinating and communicating results from marketing campaigns, with one simple solution.”

Global media spend is increasing at a rate of 5.1%, expected to reach $2.1 trillion in 2019, according to McKinsey. Digital ad spend is expected to drive the biggest investments in this area, poised to overtake TV spend in 2018.

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The emergence of new digital solutions provides a number of channels for brands to connect with their audiences; through Google search, Twitter, Facebook, influencer programs, digital programmatically-run campaigns, and more. This trend of decentralized channels means a great deal of work for marketing teams, and the need for a tool to help these people organize concurrent campaigns.

TidyMarketer’s automatic Media Plan Builder, loaded with KPI benchmarks and formulas, allows users to create and adapt campaign strategies, using budget allocation and known campaign performance to forecast campaign results. This could be online sales, mobile app installs, leads or more.

The Campaign Calendar, with drag and drop features and instant notifications, means teams can coordinate multiple campaigns in one central location, and the Task Manager lets users assign tasks to members and manage external contractors and agencies.


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