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Is Google capitalizing on its Bing Sting by registering hiybbprqag.com

Is Google capitalizing on its Bing Sting by registering hiybbprqag.com

Google JobsIt looks like a Google employee has found a neat way of capitalizing on the “Bing Sting” operation it carried out this week by registering the website www.hiybbprqag.com.

For those not in the know Google published a blog post on Tuesday which claimed that Bing had been copying its search results.

Google supported its claim carrying out what it called a “Bing Sting”.  In the sting Google associated nonsensical words with with certain websites, so a search for hiybbprqag, which previously brought no results, was associated with a webpage for a theater seating chart.  Google then did the same search some time after associating the word with the site using  Bing and found that it returned the same results.

In a rebuttle today Bing later said the results were part of its many search filters some of  which use human actions, rather than just computer algorithms, to improve search results.

Since the post Google seems to have registered hiybbprqag.com which redirects to Google’s international job recruitment website.  According to searchengineland the domain is registers to a person who lists their address as being the same as Google’s Taipei offices.

Search Engine Land said,

Two things seem clear: 1) This episode gets stranger by the day, and 2) hiybbprqag has to be considered an early candidate for word of the year.

Source: Search Engine Land

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  2. MattCarlton

    February 4, 2011 at 1:24 AM

    LOL, JOIN THE MOVEMENT Hiybbprqag ON FACEBOOK: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Hiybbprqag/160449400673241

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