Gardaí warn of sophisticated AIB ATM skimming scam in operation

Attached AIB ATM skimming device
Attached AIB ATM skimming device

Gardaí and the National Consumer agency today warned ATM consumers to careful of very convincing skimming devices that have been found attached to AIB ATMs.

Devises have been found fitted over the newer-style AIB ATMs which convincingly mimic the design of the distinctive green AIB ATM card slots. The only give away that the skimming device are attach is the square ‘handle’ on the top of the card slot.

The device skims the card from what looks like a magnetic strip reader attached to a radio broadcast or memory circuit contained in the ‘handle’ at the at the top of the mold. This skimming scam may be related to a similar incident in Carlow which was thwarted by Gardaí, in which a pinhole camera device was attached to an AIB ATM for the purposes of recording card details.

Attached AIB ATM skimming device
Attached AIB ATM skimming device
Removed AIB ATM skimming device
Removed AIB ATM skimming device

According to the Garda press office the number of reported skimming scams have increased in Ireland in the past six months. In September 2010 Gardaí prevented the export of two skimmings devices to Bulgaria containing AMT users details. In this case Ulster Bank customers were targeted with a total of €11,000 lost to the scammers.

These latest images follow the a feature on RTÉ’s Crimecall in January which highlighted modern methods of card skimming. The Gardaí’s advice to consumers who are concerned about card skimming is,

  • If you feel a person is too close to you when you are using an ATM ask them to move back.
  • Always examine an ATM before you use it to see if it looks like it has been interfered with or tampered with in any way contact the local Garda station.
  • If you are suspicious in any way DO NOT use the ATM and report it to the local Garda station immediately, if it is during bank hours report it to the bank branch straight away.
  • Always cover your hand when keying in your PIN, be it with your other hand or with your handbag/a newspaper.
  • Make a note of anything or anyone you see acting suspiciously at or around an ATM and report it as soon as possible to the local Garda station.
  • Monitor your Bank Account on a regular basis.


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