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Mobile Ireland 2011 – Smartphone usage in Ireland [Infographic]

Mobile Ireland 2011 – Smartphone usage in Ireland [Infographic]

Mindshare Ireland (@MindshareIRL) have published an interesting infographic regarding smartphone usage in Ireland. The survey, conducted by Sponge It in November 2010, suggests that while over half of Irish consumers own a smartphone, many don’t use their device to its full potential.

Mobile Ireland 2011 - Infographic by Mindshare

The most popular use of smartphones in Ireland, as performed by 46% of users on a daily basis, is searching online. The second most popular task is checking email (39%), thirdly social networking (also 39%), and lastly consuming news (36%). These popular activities predominately occur between six and ten in the evening, and in conjunction with other forms of media consumption like watching television.


87% of mobiles can potentially connect to the internet
46% of mobile owners use the internet on their mobile
20% listen to the radio on their mobile every day
18% of smartphone owners watch videos content on their mobile every day
16% of mobile owners clicked a mobile advert recently


Men aged between 18-34 years are twice as likely to use their smartphone as their female counterparts. Social networking is most popular on smartphones for women aged 18-34 years, while email is most popular for those aged over 50 years.

According to Finian Murphy (@finianmurphy), head of consumer insights at Mindshare,

“People are triggered to search, post a facebook status or seek more information about a news or a brand by what they hear on radio during the day, see on TV in the evening or read about in the press. Smartphones give consumers immediate access to brands when they want to find out more whenever or wherever they are.”

When speaking of marketing opportunities using mobile phones, Murphy warns that over half of Irish mobile phone owners don’t use the internet on their handsets, so brands must be cautious and offer universal solutions.

“It is important to note that data connectivity is key to marketing opportunities.

“Over half of mobile owners don’t use the internet on their mobile and therefore brands must recognise that apps aren’t always the solution, but more basic services, such as texting, should be integrated within the media strategy.”

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  2. BarryMalone

    March 1, 2012 at 9:45 AM

    Does anyone know how many smartphones are in Ireland  in 2011?

  3. BarryMalone

    March 1, 2012 at 10:45 AM

    Does anyone know how many smartphones are in Ireland  in 2011?

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