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Making Your Phone Your Ultimate Sidekick Wherever You Go

Making Your Phone Your Ultimate Sidekick Wherever You Go
Ben Allen

Have you ever thought about where your phone “lives” — I mean, if you had to pick one location? You’d say you live in your home so maybe that’s where your phone lives but really it’s only there because you’re there.

It sits by your bedside recharging at night, when it’s at its most annoying and useless. You use your home as a base, somewhere you can do stuff like cook and watch TV and invite people round.

So it might be right to say your phone lives with you but unless it’s right next to you, it’s useless again. It doesn’t live in your home as much as it does by your side. It is, let’s be honest, your sidekick, through thick and thin. You may want a Watson or a Robin figure. But that’s not what you’ve got. You’ve got your phone. And if you think about it, you probably agree it does a damn fine job.

Since your phone lives by your side it needs to be able to do what you do. If you go for a run, start cooking or need to drive somewhere and your phone can’t accompany you, it becomes annoying and useless once again. But these activities need 100% attention from you which makes operating your phone irritating. So while these things are happening your phone isn’t very good at being a phone, it needs some help. In the same way you need running shoes, cooking knives and a car, your phone needs to be adequately kitted out to fulfill its destiny as your sidekick.

That’s why BUDU has created a phone case complete with everything your phone will need for a life in service to your whims and limbs. Built for iPhone, it has “a custom designed plate, nano-suction anti-gravity attachment, fitness armband, minimalist wallet attachment, ring holder/kickstand attachment, genuine leather folio attachment that features card and cash pockets. There are also 3 mount options: multi-purpose clamp mount, a vent mount for your car and a suction mount.”

I know what some of those words mean whilst I am lost with others, but you get the idea. You can go anywhere and do anything and your phone will still be able to chaperone you in the most convenient way possible. I mean, it uses clever magnets, which won’t damage your bank cards, and it’s smaller than most phone cases. It also doubles up to protect your phone from bumps and scrapes.

Over the past year, BUDU’s design team have been meticulously designing and crafting a case that not only protects your phone, but also gives you the freedom to use your phone in a new, exciting way. The result is a simpler solution to a simple problem.

You’re going to be damn close to giving you phone a sidekick nickname once you start using this.

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Ben Allen

Ben Allen is a traveler, a writer and a Brit. He worked in the London startup world for a while but really prefers commenting on it than working in it. He has huge faith in the tech industry and enjoys talking and writing about the social issues inherent in its development.

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