Meet Twitter’s 500 millionth registered user

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Twitter passed the 500 million registered users mark yesterday, February 22, and is currently adding new accounts at a rate of about 10.7 per second. Twitter user number 500,000,000 is…@JanickiPiotr.

The Twitter user’s given full name is Piotr Janicki and he signed-up to Twitter sometime around 18:00 GMT yesterday, Wednesday. Unfortunately, at the time of writing, he hadn’t yet tweeted but is following six people and is being followed by five others.

While Twitter may have more then 500 million registered users, the service’s number of active users is significantly less at a little over 100 million. Twitter only becomes useful after building connections with others around topics of similar interest – something that takes time and somewhat discourages new users. Let’s hope Piotr gives it a chance!

According to Twitter public data analysis from, Twitter will reach 600 million registered users on June 5, some 103 days away.

Image: SpecialKRB on Flickr

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twitter android pics
twitter android pics

I just checked this account again and it says @janickipiotr hasn't tweeted yet., which shows once again, how those numbers are highly inflated, 


@digippmike 10 nouveaux comptes par seconde ? Ah oui c'est vrai j'ai créé pas mal de bots cette semaine :p

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