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New Automation Platform For Software Companies Boosts Users’ Life-Time Value

New Automation Platform For Software Companies Boosts Users’ Life-Time Value

Not all software companies rely on their own tech for automation services, and a new user-engagement platform has stepped-in to fill that role.

Through automation technology, ConvertLoop aims to help software companies track their users’ behavior and automatically communicate with them.

As an affordable user engagement platform for “product people” such as business founders, growth hackers, and product managers, ConvertLoop is currently working on solutions to provide software companies with a high volume of users an easy process to scale communications with their customers.

An Automation Solution for Software Companies

“Our goal is to improve our customers’ user life cycle by using automation. We help our customers to increase their users’ LTV (Life-Time Value), and reduce their churn,” said Nayib Abdala, CEO and Founder of ConvertLoop.

The platform is simple enough to understand with five simple steps to the process, but its impact on software companies in creating a stable work-life balance cannot be overemphasized.

“We are creating a company where our employees and clients can have a balance between life and work,” adds Abdala.

The same is true for E-commerce and education as it is for SaaS and digital agencies, or any other software company for that matter, that is looking for automation to improve their users’ life-time value.

“As an automation technology company, our priority is to provide an online service that automates what should be automated regarding user-communication, so that people (our employees, clients, and our client’s users) can enjoy life more.”

How ConvertLoop’s Automation helps software companies with user-engagement

Since ConvertLoop helps software companies attain insights into their visitor’s activities, this means a site can communicate with their visitors in terms of their real interests and actions in an accurate way.

It does not limit its automation rules to predefined actions and triggers, but rather gives businesses the total freedom to create their own rules and user segments using different filters, thus making customer communication truly relevant for the business.

Forbes contributor and Founder of Foxtail Marketing Mike Templeman says he judges automation platforms based on “their ability to provide a marketing department with the functionality and tools to deploy a campaign that helps drive demand and move prospects down through the funnel.”

ConvertLoop technologies reduce the intervention of hands-on interaction of sales and support people to onboard, upsell, and retain online users. Their current features involve:

  • hyper-targeted user segmentation based on their behavior or specific custom attributes
  • bulk, one-time messages that can be sent to any kind of user segment
  • automated email sequences to communicate with online users at a scale about what they need at exactly the right time

“It’s important to break this into short term goals by tracking user behavior, targeting users based on this behavior, and sending them email sequences, one-time automatic messages, or personalized and accurately targeted bulk emails,” continues Abdala.

“This can be translated into the long-term aim of collecting data over the following years and using algorithms to improve communication with users.”

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