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Instagram Partners With AI Platform to Manage, Improve Social Engagements

Instagram Partners With AI Platform to Manage, Improve Social Engagements

Instagram Partners with an AI platform that specializes in intelligent social media engagement management for brands to improve the quality of online advertising and community discussions.

In search of a Community Management partner, Instagram chose the fastest and most accurate brand solution for intelligent social media engagement management, BrandBastion.

As a partner, BrandBastion will continue to improve the quality of online advertising and community discussions in front of a rapidly-growing global audience.

Not only will this help businesses on Instagram use Artificial Intelligence solutions to effectively manage community discussions and customer demands on ads and accounts, BrandBastion is  the second member of the Instagram Partner Program to have a female founder in Jenny Wolfram.


Jenny Wolfram

“We’re honored to have been selected as a member of the Instagram Partner Program,” said Wolfram, adding, “this partnership gives us the opportunity to share our powerful solution with a wider brand audience, enabling brands to engage, protect, and understand their audiences better.”

Wolfram was recently named in the Forbes 30 under 30 in Europe for media/marketing, and she has also written for Variety, Re/code, and other major tech and advertising publications.

The platform is a one-stop-shop where brands can easily configure how they want their insights and engagement to be managed — including the removal, response and escalation of comments — using industry-leading proprietary artificial intelligence to protect publishers, brands and their customers.

BrandBastion processes millions of comments every day on the largest online and mobile destinations, including Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and partner publishers including sites such as TechCrunch. The company has helped brands and agencies to significantly increase the positive sentiment on their ads increasing customer loyalty and lifetime value.

It will join other big names like Adobe, Oracle, Sprout Social, and Hootsuite as an Instagram Partner.

BrandBastion’s tech solution transforms the way brands deal with social engagement by automating the management of millions of comments and social interactions at scale, while maintaining the quality of 1-on-1 premium services around the clock in real-time.

Instagram is the world’s largest photo-sharing app, with a community of 700 million active users. The platform is the go-to site for businesses using visual stories to engage the mobile community. According to eMarketer, 70.7% of US companies will use Instagram to market their products in 2017.

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