Dissecting the psychological dynamics behind persuasive tech & business ethics (podcast episode)


In our modern society, businesses across the globe are taking a stand for ethics and beliefs they believe in, or at least that their customers believe in. 

Sometimes businesses are built around the idea of an ethical principle, such as the famous outdoor clothing brand Patagonia. Or sometimes a company will make headlines for taking a solid stance on a controversial issue, to demonstrate their support for a certain side, such as Nike

Now more than ever, business and ethics are two subjects that have never been closer. 

To discuss the modern overlap between the two, we are joined by Nathalie Nahai, the author of Business Unusual and Webs of Influence: The Psychology of Online Persuasion

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Nahai shares some basic lessons and ideas that underpin the psychological dynamics behind evolving decision-making processes we go through when making purchases. She also explains how she helps people ethically apply behavioral science principles to enhance their platforms, product design, and customer experience. 

Additionally, she shares why she created, a website designed to help users identify, develop, and communicate the psychological values their business represents, alongside what it strives to achieve for its employees, customers, and the wider world.

And finally, she discusses some of the most exciting stories and guests she has come across while hosting The Hive Podcast and the Tech Weekly podcast for The Guardian

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