From gender to industry – The rise of unique co-working spaces

June 6, 2018


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Co-working spaces are currently taking the world by storm. In all corners of the globe, we can see these spaces gobbling up traditional office spaces, turning them into hubs of collaboration and innovation.

In south-east Asia, Indonesia’s largest co-working operator, EV Hive, has secured $20 million in funding from Softbank to continue their expansion across the continent. While in India, millions of Indians are ditching their offices for co-working spaces, jumping on this growing trend.

In addition to this, we are also witnessing a growing number of co-working spaces develop with a specific niche. For example, women-only co-working spaces are growing according to a recent report, giving women a comfortable space to work and collaborate. Gender aside, co-working spaces are now taking into account industry as well. 

CLINICUBE, a leading NYC medical clinic, announces the launch of its new medical co-working facility and practice accelerator. The facility will help simplify the development of private practice startups and operations in the medical practice industry.

CLINICUBE is a medical consortium platform which provides physicians with a fully managed business facility, and patients with the ease and accessibility of having multiple and expert services under one roof. It’s boutique medical wellness facility, based in New York City, blends the best of technology-driven fitness and prehab with traditional chiropractic therapy, physical therapy, Internal, neurological and pain management medicine to speed up the recovery process effectively.

Based in Manhattan, CLINICUBE’s new medical co-working space will help fast track health and private practice startups into professional businesses. The facility allows individuals and startups to focus on what they love – treating patients – while CLINICUBE’s comprehensive Facility Management streamlines all other areas of a practice. It will act as the central platform for all operations, including reception, new patient processing, billing & collections, EHR (electronic health record), digital and web marketing, and more.

The facility is designed to support health and medical professionals set up, manage, and run their practice with ease and flexibility. CLINICUBE’s integrated Facility Management automatically links EHR actions to automated marketing tasks, deploys easy pre-designed web page listings and runs seamless paid ads to attract new patients using Google and Facebook ads.

An estimated 35 million Americans receive chiropractic treatment annually, making chiropractic care one of the largest complementary alternative medicines in the U.S. Despite the sizeable market for chiropractic treatment (US$15 billion revenue), and sports medicine (projected to reach US$8.24 billion by 2022), new practices struggle to establish themselves due to the amount of equipment needed, operating costs, and sustained public skepticism towards chiropractic medicare.

CLINICUBE, however, provides the perfect collaborative space for new practices. With access to a full spectrum of care in one facility, and with none of the start-up costs, startups can grow into legitimate medical practices.

“Our new facility will function like a private practice accelerator – providing an easy access point into private practice for physicians without the hefty up front financial burden of acquiring, building out and managing a medical office,” said Noam Sadovnik, founder and CEO at CLINICUBE.


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