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The great reset is a pre-pandemic agenda ‘fact-checked’ as a post-COVID recovery plan

Twitter & WEF partner Reuters claim the great reset is a post-COVID economic recovery plan, but the agenda predates the pandemic by many years: perspective

WEF great reset

The great reset is a pre-pandemic agenda, but when “fact-checked” by Twitter and WEF partner Reuters, it becomes a post-COVID economic recovery plan despite the unelected globalists’ repeated calls for a reset of the global economy many years before the pandemic.

Using Reuters and the BBC as its sources, Twitter is claiming this week that “The ‘Great Reset’ is the World Economic Forum’s proposal for post-COVID economic recovery.”

“The ‘Great Reset’ is the World Economic Forum’s proposal for post-COVID economic recovery, Reuters and the BBC report” — Twitter, 2022

Image Source Twitter, January 20, 2022

“What we want to do in Davos this year […] is to push the reset button” — Klaus Schwab, 2014

However, the unelected globalist great reset agenda to revamp society and the global economy, was in fact, planned long before COVID.

For starters, below is a video of WEF Founder Klaus Schwab calling to push the reset button on the world economy nearly eight years ago as part of the 2014 Davos Agenda.

“WEF chairman hopes forum will help push ‘reset’ button on world economy” — Associated Press, 2014 (video archived in 2015 below)

“We must revamp all aspects of our societies and economies […] We must build entirely new foundations for our economic and social systems” — Klaus Schwab, 2020

When I set out to write “A timeline of the great reset” in November, 2020, I was hearing a lot of buzz about the great reset being a response to COVID, and I wanted to learn more about it.

My investigation led me to refute what Reuters, Twitter, and the BBC are now claiming over year later — that the great reset agenda is a post-COVID recovery plan.

In the timeline article, I pointed out that when WEF Founder Klaus Schwab declared in June, 2020, “Now is time for a great reset” of society and the global economy — it wasn’t the first time he called for it.

Between 2014 and 2017, the WEF called to reshape, restart, reboot, and reset the global order every single year.

In May, 2018, the WEF partnered with Johns Hopkins to simulate a fictitious pandemic — dubbed “Clade X” —  to see how prepared the world be if ever faced with such a crisis.

A little over a year later, the WEF once again teamed-up with Johns Hopkins, along with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, to stage another pandemic exercise called Event 201 in October, 2019, which specifically simulated a coronavirus outbreak just a few months before COVID-19 hit the world stage.

The pandemic represents a rare but narrow window of opportunity to reflect, reimagine, and reset our world to create a healthier, more equitable, and more prosperous future” — Klaus Schwab, 2020

It was only after COVID-19 arrived that the unelected globalists decided that the world was chaotic enough to officially launch the great reset — an agenda they had been planning for many years.

This; however, didn’t stop Reuters’ “fact checkers” from claiming that the great reset was nothing more than a post-COVID economic recovery plan.

Do Reuters’ so-called “fact checkers” ever mention in their great reset rebuttals that Reuters and the World Economic Forum are partners for exclusive content distribution?

“The WEF and its affiliates have been open about its ‘Great Reset’ economic proposals in response to the COVID-19 pandemic” — Reuters ‘Fact Check’ 2021

“There is no evidence the “Great Reset” is part of an ominous plan by the WEF to control people” — Reuters ‘Fact Check’ 2021

The great reset, in essence, is about redefining all social contracts and abolishing traditional shareholder capitalism in favor of stakeholder capitalism, which is something that the global elites, with Schwab at the helm, have been attempting to accomplish since the WEF’s inauguration in the 1970s.

For the unelected globalists at the World Economic Forum, the COVID-19 pandemic only represented a “narrow window of opportunity” to enact a great reset agenda that had been many years in the making.

When Twitter, Reuters, and the BBC claim that the great reset is a post-COVID economic recovery plan, they aren’t telling you about a technocratic agenda that waited years for a crisis to exploit.

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  1. Globalist conducting viral epidemic war games right before a viral epidemic. Maybe I should check out that sale on tin foil hats. Policies recently instated in many countries seem to benefit the globalist agenda. 🤔

  2. A lot of things concur with the writers research, mine also. look up UN Agenda 21, then 30, then 50 to see this take on a very similar thing but scarier.

  3. @Tim Hinchliffe
    I’ve checked some of this “fact” checkers and as you write and it is obvious to people like us – seen through the agendas -, all of them are donated/fundated by
    1) most of the world’s big data/pharma companies, lobbyist, billionaires
    2) which – long obvious by now – are part of the Agenda21/Great Reset/WEF, NGOs, governments, banks etc. who are part of the agendas
    3) and all this fake, lying “fact” checkers, main purpose is to act as Orwellian truth ministerium and brainwash the masses that only the given consensus of the agenda’s have the only, true claim of truth, and all other people who go against it or deny it are false, stupid conspirace theorist, nazis etc.

    The creater of craiglist for example, created his organisation and funds the “fact” checkers, while he himself is part of the WEF young globals.
    The boss at reuters (the mosly known fact checker) who is fact checking facebook and twitter, is at the same time a higher-up at Pfizer and member at the WEF.

    Even such a big and known service for mainly chat gaming, Discord, is going from april, censoring “false” desinformation about Covid, medical stuff etc.

    And all of them get donations from google, gates etc.
    These fuckers all connected.

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