Unelected WEF globalists push digital identity schemes in digital health inclusion report

December 1, 2021


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In a new report, the unelected globalists at the World Economic Forum (WEF) are pushing digital identity schemes under the guise of digital health inclusion that give the illusion of choice and privacy under policies of coercion.

The WEF’s Edison Alliance, whose “vision is for every person to affordably participate in the digital economy,” published its “Shared Guiding Principles for Digital Health Inclusionwhite paper on Tuesday, outlining the importance of “digital health identity” in the overall scheme.

“The health ID should allow individuals to be uniquely identified, authenticated, and linked to their health records, with informed consent” — “Shared Guiding Principles for Digital Health Inclusion,” WEF, 2021

Image Source: World Economic Forum

Out of the seven principles, the third is dedicated to “digital health identity,” which includes action points such as:

  • Promoting digital citizenship to give patients and their caregivers the ability to understand their own health records and care plans
  • Focusing on a health identity (ID) to maintain and access longitudinal individual health records, which are essential for connected care and continuum of care, portability of health records, interoperability and patient control
    • The health ID should allow individuals to be uniquely identified, authenticated, and linked to their health records, with informed consent
    • The ID should enable improved access to care in different geographies, for all levels of care (primary to tertiary), as well as for different disease conditions and in government health programs

If you’re looking for a real-world example of the above action points, take a look at Austria where vaccination is now mandatory for most of the population.

According to The Guardian, “Austria has a centralized national database of vaccination, which the government could check against those registered as living in the country to determine who has not yet got a jab.”

Beginning in February, Austrians will be fined $4,000 [€3,600] for exercising their right to bodily autonomy and making medical decisions for themselves — my body, government’s choice.

Some 90 percent of households in Austria have internet access, but what about countries where internet connectivity is low? How can governments get that data, so they can enforce their totalitarian policies?

Getting everyone on the planet connected to the internet is key to digital health inclusion. Without full connectivity, harvesting the personal data of billions of people is a lot more difficult.

And while the unelected globalists say that individuals should always be in control of their own health information, they completely ignore that individuals are being coerced into giving up control of their data in order to restore freedoms that never should have been taken away in the first place.

Take vaccine passports for example, which the World Health Organization says actually “may increase the risk of disease spread.”

Your personal health information may be securely stored in a digital vaccine passport, and you may have the option to only share it with those you wish to share it with.

But boy! you better give up that privacy pretty quickly the moment a business or a government official asks for it, because if you don’t, you can be excluded from participating in society in many parts of the world.

Image source: World Economic Forum, (highlights mine)

The WEF white paper goes on to say that “caregivers and patients should remain in control of medical decisions,” yet we are seeing the exact opposite of that happening all over the world wherever draconian vaccine mandates are enforced.

Principle six in the report is about “using health data safely and responsibly to ensure inclusion while safeguarding informed consent, privacy and confidentiality.”

This section emphasizes data ownership, the right to opt out, and informed consent — none of which are being respected by public and private entities throughout the world.

Action points include:

  • Setting high standards for the responsible collection, storage, sharing and use of data that adhere to the principles of security, privacy, transparency, accountability, integrity, patient ownership and choice, protection and “do no harm”
  • Incorporating the patient’s clear right to opt out
  • Requiring informed consent, including clear articulation of the complexities of informed consent

Ah, the complexities of informed consent! You mean like if you don’t give your informed consent to the jab or the data collection involved with the vaccine passport, you can’t participate in society and you can be fined until you’re broke enough to comply?

So, technically, yes, individuals can be in control of their data, but if they choose not to be coerced into sharing it, they may lose their freedom.

What sort of choice is that?

WEF Great Reset Digital ID

Image Source: World Economic Forum

Have you ever noticed that when you click on a website that asks you for your cookie preferences, you never really can reject all of them? There will always be those “necessary cookies.”

There is the illusion of choice and privacy in digital identity and inclusion schemes, and a digital health identity is no exception.

What starts off as being your private information, that you can control, will immediately deteriorate the moment you give your “informed consent” to share it in order to keep your job, or go shopping, or even leave your home.

It’s a policy of coercion.

The unelected globalists at the WEF continue to push for digital identity schemes from every angle, and digital identity is a major component of their great reset agenda for society and the global economy.

It doesn’t matter if it’s done in the name of urban transformation, financial inclusion, humanitarian aid, or healthcare services, the globalists’ solution is always to bring about the adoption of digital identity schemes and to merge corporation and state through public and private collaborations.

We are well on the way to Chinese Communist Party-style social credit scores, starting with contact tracing and moving into vaccine passports.

Public and private entities will never let up on this agenda without massive pushback from the free people of this world.

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