Trilateral Commission regurgitates great reset agenda in report on capitalism, calls for a ‘climate club’ & alliance of ‘techno-democracies’

July 5, 2022


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The Trilateral Commission regurgitates the WEF’s great reset agenda talking points in a report on the future of capitalism, climate change, and the fourth industrial revolution.

With climate change being the ever-present crisis of choice of unelected globalists, the Trilateral Commission’s “Task Force on Global Capitalism in Transitionreport puts climate change as the number one reason for why they want to overhaul capitalism, eliminate fossil fuels, and achieve net zero by 2050 while re-writing social compacts.

To achieve this requires harnessing the power of the fourth industrial revolution and the ubiquitous surveillance, data collection, and behavioral manipulation it will unleash.

“Moving toward a more sustainable and inclusive capitalism is thus a defining challenge of our age” — Trilateral Commission, June, 2022

According to the Trilateral Commission’s task force report, there are growing concerns about whether market-based economies will be able to adequately address:

  1. Climate change
  2. The disruptions triggered by the digital revolution
  3. Rising inequalities

Sound familiar?

World Economic Forum (WEF) founder Klaus Schwab used the exact same rhetoric when he officially launched the great reset agenda exactly two years prior in June, 2020.

After declaring, “We need a great reset of capitalism,” Schwab called for “the withdrawal of fossil-fuel subsidies,” “harnessing the innovations of the Fourth Industrial Revolution,” and “reforms that promote more equitable outcomes.”

To address climate change, the digital revolution, and rising inequalities, the Trilateral Commission report makes three recommendations:

  • For the green transition: Establish a “climate club” among advanced economies
  • For the digital revolution: Establish an alliance of “techno-democracies”
  • For reducing inequality: Ensure quality lifelong learning is accessible to every person by the end of the decade

All solutions in the unelected globalist playbook require the merger of corporation and state through public-private partnerships, total control over the digital environment, and the technological means to surveil, measure, and enforce compliance to their net zero narratives.

Let’s break them down.

Trilateral recommendation—Establish a ‘climate club’ among advanced economies” — Trilateral Commission, June, 2022

During the pandemic, there was a brief period when the same climate change solutions were being imposed on COVID (i.e. implementing lockdowns, restrictions on what you can buy, where you can go, the implementation of track and trace technologies, digital identity, etc.).

But now that the COVID control narrative has all but collapsed, climate change is back to being the go-to bogeyman despite the fact that the earth has been warming and cooling and experiencing differences in extreme weather for millions, if not billions of years before humans ever came to be on this planet.

However, according to the Trilateral Commission report, “Climate change is perhaps the greatest challenge facing humanity in the 21st century,” and it “is primarily caused by the rise of fossil-fueled economies and related greenhouse gas emissions.”

“The costs of the net-zero transition, moreover, should be reframed as investments to build a more advanced economy and better environmental future” — Trilateral Commission, June, 2022

We are already seeing the economic effects of the slow transition to “green” energy.

Governments around the world are using the old Facebook model of “move fast and break things” to destroy the fossil fuel infrastructure without ever having completed their supposedly more sustainable and greener infrastructures.

It’s a recipe for economic disaster, with the current energy, food, and inflation crises now making everything less affordable for citizens all over the world.

But instead of trying to ease the economic pain and suffering currently taking place, the Trilateral Commission report’s solution is to ignore the fact that people are currently being crushed under these green policies, and focus instead on their utopian green future that they say won’t come until the 2050s!

The costs of the net-zero transition, moreover, should be reframed as investments to build a more advanced economy and better environmental future,” the report reads.

In other words, all the pain you are feeling now needs to be “reframed” as an “investment” for something that’s supposed to happen 30 years into future.

It’s for your own good.

“Establishing a price on carbon is an obvious path toward solving the green transition challenge from an economics perspective” — Trilateral Commission, June, 2022

The late comedian George Carlin once famously said of the world’s elites, “It’s a big club, and you ain’t in it.”

Now, the Trilateral Commission is literally calling for a “climate club” of like-minded nations to rule over policies on energy, carbon consumption, and the global economy.

According to the report, “Trilateral countries should consider accelerating progress on both reducing emissions and incentivizing greater international cooperation by pursuing more limited ‘climate club’ agreements among leading emitters.”

The goal is to economically incentivize, punish, or coerce people into meeting the “climate club’s” carbon footprint requirements.

As such, the report highlights that “Establishing a price on carbon is an obvious path toward solving the green transition challenge from an economics perspective.”

Sound familiar?

This is exactly what the World Economic Forum has been advocating for years.

In fact, “a global price on carbon” was one of eight predictions for the 2030s that the unelected globalists announced in 2016, with another being “you’ll own nothing and you’ll be happy” thanks to circular economy business models that will render all products as services.

But how does one go about measuring and enforcing prices on carbon?

“Success in tackling the green transition and other challenges depends upon harnessing digital innovation” — Trilateral Commission, June, 2022

According to the Trilateral Commission report, “success in tackling the green transition […] depends upon harnessing digital innovation.”

What does that look like in real life?

Think track and trace technologies to incentivize, coerce, reward, punish, or otherwise manipulate people into changing their behavior in a manner similar to the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) social credit system.

Speaking at the WEF annual meeting in Davos in May, 2022, Alibaba president J. Michael Evans announced that the platform was working on an individual carbon footprint tracker that would soon monitor and measure how much carbon people are consuming, including “where they’re traveling, how they are traveling, what are they eating, what are they consuming on the platform.”

Measuring individual carbon footprint is one thing; however, if governments mandate the tracker as a matter of policy for punishing or rewarding behavior, then it becomes yet another tool for enforcing a system of social credit.

This type of digital surveillance tool is designed specifically to program, monitor, and enforce compliance to the unelected globalists’ great reset agenda, which brings us to the second major challenge to capitalism identified in the Trilateral Commission report: the digital revolution, aka the fourth industrial revolution.

Trilateral recommendation—Establish an alliance of ‘techno-democracies'” — Trilateral Commission, June, 2022

In the same vein of consolidating power to form a “climate club,” the Trilateral Commission recommends establishing an “alliance of techno-democracies” that would collaborate “across the spectrum of digital issues spanning from scientific and technical to economic and commercial to security, military, and law enforcement.”

If successful, this alliance could see countries sharing similar technologies and digital governance policies to rule over most aspects of their societies — their economies, private businesses, militaries, and law enforcement.

E pluribus unum. Out of many governments, we may eventually only have one, at least in the West.

But the unelected globalists at the Trilateral Commission realize that such a lofty goal cannot be achieved all at once.

“[An alliance of techno-democracies] could start small and informal […] and then develop over time” — Trilateral Commission, June, 2022

The report recommends starting small and taking baby steps while nobody is paying attention to the totalitarian tiptoe taking place.

An alliance of techno-democracies, according to the report, “could start small and informal […] and then develop over time.”

At first, “such an informal alliance could start by bringing together experts and officials to set common standards regarding digital technologies and definitions of cybercrime.”

Then, “Eventually, this forum could evolve to address more sensitive topics such as online propaganda, disinformation, and cyber threats.”

Here we see the Trilateral Commission laying down the foundation to control all aspects of society through technology.

It culminates with the eradication of individual rights, such as the freedom of expression, in the name of safety and security.

“This forum [alliance] could evolve to address more sensitive topics such as online propaganda, disinformation, and cyber threats” — Trilateral Commission, June, 2022

The Trilateral Commission’s agenda is the same as the WEF’s great reset and great narrative agendas.

Both are designed to strip away power from the people while placing that power in the hands of unelected bureaucrats, globalists, and technocrats, with the help of bought-and-sold politicians.

Topics deemed “sensitive” like “online propaganda and disinformation,” or anything that goes against their authoritarian narratives, will not be tolerated.

Free thinking must be stamped out before it has a chance to grow in this brave new normal world, but getting citizens all over the world to think the same as the unelected globalists will require constant “education” from the cradle to the grave.

Trilateral recommendation—Ensure quality lifelong learning is accessible to every person by the end of the decade” — Trilateral Commission, June, 2022

The third and last major challenge for capitalism, according to the report, is about tackling inequality, but if you read between the lines, you discover that the solution is little more than brainwashing dressed-up as education on a global scale.

The report recommends that “Trilateral countries should remake education on the scale of the reforms of the 19th and 20th centuries. These reforms should ensure every person access to quality lifelong learning by the end of this decade.”

What’s more, these indoctrination programs “should be designed to fit an individual’s personalized needs by role, experience and age, sector and industry, and geography.”

“The public and private sectors will need to collaborate to leverage AI to mine insights from vast data sets available through social media, employment firms, and public sources” — Trilateral Commission, June, 2022

This type of programming will require constant data collection and surveillance to measure how a person is performing along their lifelong “educational” journey.

Therefore, “The public and private sectors will need to collaborate to leverage AI to mine insights from vast data sets available through social media, employment firms, and public sources.”

Once again, we see the CCP-style system of social credit coming into play, where your social media activity can play a role in your employability.

“The world must act jointly and swiftly to revamp all aspects of our societies and economies, from education to social contracts and working conditions […] We need a great reset of capitalism” — Klaus Schwab, June, 2020

Like the World Economic Forum, the Trilateral Commission is an unelected globalist think tank founded in the 1970s.

Both their agendas and their members are inextricably interwoven.

For example, the Trilateral Commission task force’s three co-chairs Carl Bildt, Kelly Grier, and Takeshi Niinami are all contributors to the WEF Agenda.

Their report calls for a “Social Compact with the Next Generations” to embody a new spirit for our era with three goals:

  • Every person should live and work in a net-zero world by 2050
  • Every person should have access to the benefits of the digital revolution
  • Every person should have the opportunity to achieve their potential

From Klaus Schwab to Henry Kissinger and David Rockefeller (deceased) and many more, highly influential individuals have shaped foreign policy from their positions in the WEF, the Trilateral Commission, and the Council on Foreign Relations throughout the decades.

Kissinger calls for “a new world order,” Schwab says it’s time for a “great reset of capitalism,” and the Trilateral Commission task force says we need “more sustainable and inclusive capitalism.”

They’re all the same thing.

Whether the crisis of the moment is a viral pathogen, a cyber pandemic, or climate change, the same great reset agenda is being carried out.

More power and control to unelected globalists, and less freedom for everyone else.


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