AI Tinder bot: because modern technology hasn’t made us lazy enough: review

September 28, 2017


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For the generations before us, the idea of being digitally presented to potentially hundreds of possible partners seems like a mind-blowing concept, especially if all you need to do is swipe right to express an interest.

Gone are the days of young men approaching ladies in social situations, relying on confidence and a silver tongue to hopefully open up some form of dialogue let alone secure a date. Now you are probably more likely to be presented with an image of your future partner while sitting on the toilet or in bed nursing a hangover, utilizing one of the many popular dating application which now comes in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Not quite the backdrop you’d expect for a Romeo and Juliet romance.

Despite the Luddite undertone of this description of modern dating, it is the future, and in many ways has made everything simpler for everyone involved, even if it has killed the idea a traditional romance. Now apps like Tinder have removed the once taboo stigma that surrounded online dating, keeping so many young people at bay.

Dating is now the second most popular way to meet a partner. Thus the internet has done an incredible job of pairing more people together and let’s face it, who does want to see more love in this world.

While this might seem like a positive step forward for the dating scene and technology, it appears we now have the option of removing ourselves from the process almost entirely. Casanova Bot is your AI wing-man, except it is less of a wing-man and more of a temporary impostor. It is designed to help you get a girl’s number on Tinder without ever having to speak with them. The bot does this through four steps.

First, it automatically likes the 100 girls in your area. Then it analyzes the bio of each user it matches with, before implementing the third step of contacting the user with a personalized line. Finally, if the bot receives a positive response it will continue to interact until a phone number is obtained, resulting in you receiving a notification and a potentially a date if you are anywhere nearly as smooth as the Casanova bot.

Though this seems like an incredible breakthrough for AI and young bachelor’s dream, it really begs the question where will this end? Tinder and other dating apps may have simplified the process a lot, but it is fair to say that some level of effort should be demonstrated when looking for a potential partner.

However, with that being said, dating is a numbers game, and for some that is all they want – numbers – in whatever form you want to consider that. Perhaps this is, in fact, the perfect tool for someone who isn’t looking for love, and is simply looking for quantity rather than quality when it comes to the girls in their life. Either way, users should air on the side of caution when using apps like this.

While we might have a general understanding that the dating game is exactly that, a game, and everyone is playing, it is not simply OK to say, “Don’t hate the player; hate the game,” when certain players are using cheats.


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