Ex-CERN scientist on leveraging AI to accelerate language learning (Brains Byte Back podcast)


Being able to speak and understand a foreign language is a lot like having a superpower. It gives you an ability that is often very useful and impressive.

But like anything that is great to have, it doesn’t come easy. If you have ever tried to learn a new language, the process can be exhausting and difficult at times. Fortunately, a former CERN scientist might have created a short cut to help speed up the language learning process. 

We can now use technology to accelerate or even gamify the learning experience, making it more efficient and enjoyable in the process.

My guest today is Mait Müntel an Ex-CERN Particle Physicist turned language learning expert who used AI to more efficiently learn French during his time working at the institute.

In this episode, Müntel shares with us how he created this technology, why it is so effective, and advice he has for anyone who wants to learn a new language.

Müntel is the CEO of Lingvist, an adaptive language-learning platform that uses the same technology he used to learn French. 

Major language learning services such as Duolingo have gamified the language learning experience.

However, Lingvist is different as it is using AI to enhance the retention of words, which are tailored to the objective of the student.

For example, if you are a photographer, Lingvist will have a specifically designed course to help you learn and retain the words you need to move forward with your career or goal in a foreign language.

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