The creativity and togetherness of social distancing on the web

March 23, 2020


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Being hunkered down at home can be very frustrating, but it can also be a lot of fun! On social media we are seeing an outpouring of creativity and togetherness as people all over the world take social distancing to the web.

For the first time in our lifetimes, we are in a unique position where we can call up just about anyone on our phones right now, and chances are they won’t be too busy to pick up.

Apart from those working from home, the difficulty of trying to find time in our busy schedules to catch up with friends and family has been all but eradicated.

Life under quarantine is bringing people together in ways it never has before. Sure, people are still spreading fear and uncertainty on social media, but we’ve also seen a lot of people take this time to produce uplifting and creative content that makes the social distancing just a little more enjoyable.

Here are a few ways people are dealing with the downtime during the social distancing season.

When life gives you toilet paper, re-enact Game of Thrones with your dog

Only during quarantine…

Streaming musical performances

No! we’re not talking about a bunch of tone-deaf celebrities trying to string together a John Lennon tune. There are countless talented artists all over the world, and chances are you have a few of them in your friends list (if you’re on the platform that is).

Amateurs and professional musicians alike are turning the quarantine into free concerts online. The video below was streamed on Facebook Live from Peruvian rocker Miky Rebaza, aka Mowgly.

Public service announcements

Your daily reminder to wash your hands.

Showing the struggles of learning something new while on lock-down

Learning how to learn from home and a lesson in boundaries…


Forget #LearnToCode, cooking is a highly-sought after skill during isolation.

The Quarantine Nickname Game

I thought these types of games had gone out of style. Are we seeing a renaissance?

Watching live streams of beautiful places

If you tune-in just enough, you might be able to smell the pine trees.

Hungry Hungry Hippos at the Home

When life imitates art…

Reading to children on air

With children not at school and parents busy getting food on the table, FOX News host Dana Perino began reading to children stuck at home under quarantine.

None of us are unaffected by the pandemic, and some of us have had to experience the ultimate sacrifice.

While there is suffering in the world, there is also amazing camaraderie and compassion that has come during this difficult time.

On the bright side, it seems there is no limit to the creativity that comes from being bored and uneasy while riding out the storm.

How are you passing the time?


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