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The Sociable: One year and a day

One year and a day ago we started The Sociable with an article regarding Facebook's rumoured smartphone. Now, on our first anniversary, it would seem fitting that it be celebrated in a week where Facebook will most definitely take centre-stage once more as excitement builds ahead of their f8 developers conference this Thursday - expect lots of new announcements.
YouTube Rewind 2010: Year in Review

YouTube 2010 review in less than 90 seconds

Not to be outdone by Google's Zeitgeist 2010 or Twitter's trends of 2010 , YouTube have released their Rewind 2010: Year in Review video collage. The eighty-six second clip summarises this year’s most popular videos on YouTube, the world’s most popular video sharing site.
Bed Intruder song - YouTube's most watched video of 2010

Top ten YouTube videos of 2010

YouTube have created a channel called YouTube Rewind: The Year in Review which offers some interesting insights into the most popular videos on the platform over the past year. No big surprises exist on this year’s list with the usual viral ads, music video parodies, and of course Justin Bieber.