Top ten YouTube videos of 2010

Bed Intruder song - YouTube's most watched video of 2010

YouTube have created a channel called YouTube Rewind: The Year in Review which offers some interesting insights into the most popular videos on the platform over the past year. No big surprises exist on this year’s list with the usual viral ads, music video parodies, and of course Justin Bieber.

Below is the list of the most watched YouTube videos worldwide in 2010, with some localised lists and charts available on the channel also. If you want the short version check out YouTube 2010 review in less than 90 seconds.

#1. Bed intruder song

#2. Tik Tok Kesha parody

#3. Greyson Chance singing ‘Paparazzi’

#4. Annoying Orange wazzup

#5. The man your man could smell like (Old Spice)

#6. Giant double rainbow

#7. This Too Shall Pass – OK Go

#8. The Twilight Saga: Eclipse trailer

#9. Jimmy surprises Bieber fan

#10. Gymkhana THREE, part 2

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