Dublin City has been invaded by zombies! Live reports on Twitter

Dublin Zombie Walk Logo
Dublin Zombie Walk Logo. Credit: Dublin Zombie Walk

A mass army of the undead has invaded Dublin City, attacking Dubliners and tourists, local news reported moments ago.  A hoard of the flesh eating scourge was fist spotted in the city’s central St. Stephen’s Green Park at about 2pm.

The walking dead were then spotted rampaging, slowly, through the city’s Stephen’s Green/Dawson Street area, making its way through College Green and down past Fleet Street.

Coming onto O’Connell Bridge the zombie apocalypse took a left past the Quays before stopping in the world famous tourist quarter, Temple Bar.

Of course, this was not a real Zombie infestation, not yet anyway; this was part of the annual Dublin City Zombie Walk which this year was being run (or slowly shambled) for the Royal National Lifeboat Association (RNLI)

Twitter was the first to report the zombie attack, this is what it had to say.

Sweet Zombie Jesus was there too

Some people were turned into zombies today, RIP

A Roman zombie was there too (Glad we weren’t sitting next to him on the flight over)

Run for the hills, but remember the zombie survival code – always double tap

Somebody had to say it,

If there is one thing that we don’t want to see zombies doing, it’s…

Remember, if caught in a crowd of zombies pretend to be one – don’t draw attention to yourself.

Thankfully zombies can’t use technology but it’s best not to check into a zombie attack on FourSquare. They could learn.

Or Instagram

Amidst all the fun @Gareth_O_Connor gave this sound advice,


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