Classic 8 bit Legend of Zelda music gets a 70 piece orchestral update

The Zelda Symphony

Like Nintendo’s other, more famous, characters, Link and the Legend of Zelda are 25 years old this year.  To celebrate, Nintendo is taking everyone on a trip to the opera with the Zelda Symphony (@zeldasymphony | Facebook).The Zelda Symphony

The computer games company has announced it will heading down to L.A with a 70 piece orchestra and a projector and with these it will take the original epic 8 bit Zelda themes and make them even more awesome.

To whet your appetite you can hear a sample of the orchestral Zelda themes at this preview, recorded during Nintendo’s E3 press conference this year.

The tour takes place in October; you can book tickets on the Zelda Symphony Ticket Master page, although we cannot guarantee there will be an ocarina included in the symphony (but we’d be disappointed if there wasn’t).

via Joysticq gaming news site

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