Majority of Americans ignorantly blame illegal immigrants for unemployment


Research from survey platform Pollfish has revealed that 51% of American adults blame illegal immigrants for the United States’ “sputtering jobs market.”

Ignorant of the fact that the top 1% of Americans control 43% of the nation’s wealth, the uninformed populous still believes that illegal immigrants are the cause of unemployment.

The Pollfish survey took answers from 757 Americans, of which 74% were in full time employment. Of those working full time, 53% said that illegal immigration was a problem for the US job market. Among the 10% of respondents who were looking for work, that percentage rose to 56%.

According to the survey, 54% of Americans also blame the current government for the situation with jobs across the country.

The recent Pollfish survey is consistent with last year’s Rasmussen Poll, which revealed that the same 51% of Americans believed illegal immigrants were to blame for unemployment in the US.

Illegal immigrants actually raise wages for native citizens

The truth of the matter is that “illegal immigrants actually raise wages for documented/native workers,” according to the April 2015 symposium on the effects of illegal immigrants in the Southern Economic Journal as reported by Forbes.

Additionally, the Brookings Institution concluded that “on average, immigrant workers increase the opportunities and incomes of Americans,” according to the International Business Times.

Unemployment in the US can certainly be blamed on minorities — just not in the way you would think. The top 5% of the population controls 72% of the wealth, so that would definitely make a minority monopoly on income and jobs.

Blaming illegal immigrants for unemployment is like blaming Iraq for 9/11 or saying that if you don’t support the troops, you’re an unpatriotic socialist who doesn’t believe in freedom, or that Kanye West represents the best of American music — it’s convenient, but doesn’t have any basis in reality.

It’s like the popular “joke” goes: An immigrant, a worker and a banker are sitting at the table with 10 cookies. The banker takes 9 and then tells the worker “watch out, the immigrant is going to steal your cookie.”

Divide & Conquer – Politics of Greed

By Stuart Carlson
By Stuart Carlson

While the rest of the population struggles to find a steady career with a living wage, the powers that be have them divided and conquered over superficial, petty, and xenophobic ideologies.

It would be easy and lazy journalism to start spewing US Labor statistics about unemployment rates over fiscal years based on the GDP, stock markets, and other economic trends, but none of that will get to what’s at the heart of it all, and to put it quite simply, it can be all traced to GREED.

Greed is the biggest cause of unemployment in the United States, according to the International Journal of Humanities and Social Science (IJHSS).

“The global financial crisis of 2008 was largely responsible for widespread unemployment and underemployment of skilled and unskilled workers around the world,” reported Dr. Jeevan D’Souza in an article for the IJHSS called “Greed: Crises, Causes, and Solutions.”

Dr. D’Souza went on to state, “Increasing economic inequality, severe unemployment, the financial crises of 2007-08 and the global economic dominance of large corporations has led to profound political and social instability, eventually leading to large scale protests and uprisings like the Occupy movement.”

“They took our jobs!”

The next time you hear that illegal immigrants are stealing jobs, what you are hearing is spoon-fed BS from the wealthy few who are in power trying to maintain the status quo by scaring the hell out of you, so you never question who’s really pulling the strings.

Their goal is to keep the population angry, distracted, and powerless, so people will never question the source of income inequality, unemployment, and poverty.

We have the resources now to feed, house, clothe, and provide education to every single person on the planet, yet millions are suffering without worldwide.

Are we still going to blame illegal immigrants for our woes, or will we finally take notice that we’re being screwed by unnamed parties who operate behind closed doors and until now, have answered to no one?


  1. You can blame all the unnamed fat acts that you want, anyone with a 4th grade mathematic ability knows that if an illegal alien has a job in this country then an American is not doing that job. Who’s to blame, how it happened is irrelevant to the fact that millions of Americans are out of work and millions of illegal aliens have jobs. Tell me again how that is not a problem that I should be concerned about.

  2. I believe I stated quite clearly who was to blame, and it isn’t illegal immigrants. The scarcity of jobs comes from the top, not illegal immigrants. Everyone is fighting for their little piece of mind while the banks, CEOs, and investors take all the incentives. It benefits the wealthy to have the rest fighting among themselves, so they don’t see the real corruption and greed that is taking place.

    1. Even if I were to assume that the scarcity of jobs comes from the top and the banks, CEOs, and investors take all the incentives, it still doesn’t negate the fact that millions of Americans are out of work and millions of illegal aliens have jobs; to me that is wrong. Just the presents of 11 MILLION plus illegal aliens on American soil is wrong; that has never happened before in the history of this nation. The countries immigration laws are being and have been violated for years and neither political party has done an adequate job of enforcement. I don’t care who these people are, why they are here, where they come from or how much they benefit the economy. No one is supposed to benefit economically or in any other way from unlawful activity; it is just plain wrong.

      1. Just so that there is no misunderstanding, I do agree with your point that the cause of illegal immigration rests squarely at the feet of American business. As much as I dislike the presents of 11 MILLION plus illegal aliens on American soil, I dislike the American businesses who hire them even more. If it were up to me the nation would impose draconian fines and mandatory jail time for any business owner or officer that hires unlawful labor.

        1. Very good points, Lann Man.

          In my mid 20s, I had just received my BA and I worked as a dishwasher alongside an illegal immigrant and I made the same $10/hr as he did. I couldn’t get a job that I went to university for because it was in 2008 just after the economy collapsed due to the “fat cats” running the show. I didn’t blame illegal immigrants. It was the system that screwed me, and all the hundreds of jobs I applied to turned me down because I didn’t have 3-5 years of experience just after graduating. I’m still friends with that same illegal immigrant dishwasher to this day.

          I think we could write a book about which jobs illegal immigrants are allegedly “taking” from US citizens, but what I was trying to convey with this article, and which you also pointed out, is that it is the system that supports illegal immigration and that the system is run by those on top. If the head of a company can rake-in more profits through cheap, illegal labor, he or she will exploit it. Likewise, small businesses that are struggling to stay afloat will also employ illegal immigrants, like in the restaurant that I worked at.

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