Don’t Panic: Rumors of web time bomb virus prove false


Rumours that the internet could ‘stop working’ at 10:10:10 on the 10th of October 2010 were called “utter codswallop” by the digital security firm Sophos.

Several memes have been circulating the internet which suggested that the time-bomb virus would activate today due to the date combination.

Writing on the Sophos blog Graham Cluley said that “The truth is that there is malicious software which triggers every day of the year – so worrying about one particular date or time is actually counter-productive, as it implies that you should take less care on other dates.

“The 10/10/10 rumour, just like the 03/03/03 one, is utter codswallop.”

In unrelated Twitter users have been celebrating the answer to life the universe and everything today. According to Douglas Adams’ Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy 42, which reads as 101010 in binary, is the answer to to life the universe and everything.

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