USI to register 50,000 student voters for #ge11

January 27, 2011


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USI organised protest in Dublin last November

USI organised protest in Dublin last November

The Union of Students in Ireland (USI) will launch a campaign titled “Your Future, Your Vote” tomorrow outside Leinster House with the intention to registering 50,000 Irish students to vote in the upcoming general election.

Tomorrow, Friday, at 11.30am outside Leinster House, the USI will launch their campaign by holding mock “X-Factor style auditions” of party leaders with students acting as judges. Over the next two weeks the USI will also tour colleges throughout the country on a branded campaign bus, with the aim of registering 50,000 students to vote.

The USI hope that the campaign will encourage young people to vote, and communicate to politicians that the student vote can be influential.

Gary Redmond (@garyred), president of USI stated,

“We are facing one of the most important elections in our history and students need to have their voices heard when the future of this country hangs in the balance. For too long the younger generations of Irish society have been ignored, but now, it is time politicians sat up and listened.

“Young people in Ireland will shoulder years of crippling debt thanks to the mistakes of the current generation and we will not tolerate a single second more of lacklustre governance from Irish politicians.

“As we near polling day, politicians in every corner of the country are quickly realising that students are no longer a dormant force as thousands of young people descend on polling stations to decide the future direction of this country.”


To see if you’re already registered to vote visit All electoral registration applications must be filed before February 14th in order to vote in #ge11.

Image courtesy of The University Observer.


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