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Check Out the Microsoft Accelerator Startups Showcasing at TNW Conference 2017

Check Out the Microsoft Accelerator Startups Showcasing at TNW Conference 2017

The TNW Conference kicks off today, and here we highlight the startups coming from the Microsoft Accelerator program.

The Next Web Conference is a hot ticket. This year’s event taking place in Amsterdam showcases the world’s finest startups, including those coming from the Microsoft Accelerator program.

The Microsoft Accelerator consists of tailor-made 4-6 month programs for later-stage startups to scale their businesses beyond development.

Without further ado, here are the startups that not only made the Microsoft cut, but are also being showcased at TNW Conference 2017.

1) Cognisess

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Founded by CEO Chris Butt Cognisess is a deep learning analytics startup that develops people analytics software for recruiters and organizations. The team took part in Microsoft’s 2014 London Accelerator, a program that helps talented businesses get enterprise ready.

By harnessing neuroscience, objective data and predictive analytics, Cognisess removes the bias and subjectivity around talent selection, ongoing performance and organisational design – saving organisations time and resource, improved productivity and ensuring best fit.

Cognisess’ mission is in democratizing human capital – taking the bias out of people processes to make it fairer, more efficient, and more accurate for candidates, employees and employers to make the right choice.

2) Glisser

Like Cognisess, Glisser also graduated from Microsoft’s London Accelerator, and went on to secure $1 million in funding to expand into the US.

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Glisser is an all-in-one audience engagement software for live events and the classroom — a perfect application to showcase at TNW Conference.

What this startup does is make meetings worth going to with its award winning audience engagement software that shares presentation slides in real-time, then uses audience interaction to improve the delegate experience, and provide useful, but digestible, event analytics.

Glisser started when Founder and CEO Mike Piddock realized that a lot of his marketing budget was being allocated to events, but it was really hard to measure whether that money was well spent.

Piddock’s solution became Glisser — a product that runs seamlessly at live events, day-in day-out, in front of audiences of thousands.

3) TNW Conference Honorable Mention

Not only are startup graduates of Microsoft Accelerator on display at TNW Conference, but the accelerator’s managing director for Israel, Navot Volk is also a featured speaker at this year’s event.

tnw conference

Israel has in recent years become a startup, FinTech, and VC hub; brandishing the likes of The Viola Group and Carmel Ventures — the latter recently invested $8.5 million in another startup featured at TNW Conference, Seebo.

Seebo bridges the gap for manufacturers between the physical and the digital world through a virtualized environment that offers a smart hardware engine, forecasting tools, automation, simplified integration and marketplaces – all on one platform.

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