5 Strategies For Retail Success: Elevate Customer Experience and Drive Business Growth

October 19, 2023


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This article originally appeared on and was re-published with permission from the author.

Leading retailers are faced with many unique challenges in today’s economy, including, creating immersive in store and online experiences, increasing market share, competitive pricing while combating inflation, and attracting and retaining loyal customers.

While a checklist is unlikely to solve all your problems, we have identified a few common trends amongst our larger clients in the retail sector. Our comprehensive checklist, 5 Strategies For Retail Success: Elevate Customer Experience and Drive Business Growth” is a compilation of trends, key areas of focus, and opportunity areas for retail technology leaders.

Given our 20 years of experience working with leading Fortune 500 retailers, we built this checklist to serve as a helpful guide toward building a high-performing, efficient, and more profitable IT department. By downloading this interactive checklist, you can expect to gain the following:

  • A clear roadmap of priorities to stay ahead of your competitors
  • A better understanding of the focus areas for the retail industry
  • 15 effective tips and tools for increasing automation, efficiency, engagement, and business agility
  • A helpful overview of strategies specific to customer-centric business models, omnichannel excellence, agile supply chain management, grocery technology and innovation, sustainability, and social responsibility

The retail landscape is changing, competition is steep, and obstacles are more fierce than ever. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to optimize your operational strategy and achieve results, like: 

  • 10% reduction in website bounce rate
  • 20% increase in customer retention rates
  • 3x Increase in revenue per customer visit
  • 94% increase in customer loyalty accounts

Click the button below to download your copy of the checklist! When you’re ready, our team would love to talk strategy with you! Let’s connect and discuss how Nisum’s retail expertise, advanced technology, and expert development can help your business scale and increase market share!

Disclosure: This article mentions a client of an Espacio portfolio company.


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