New kiosks in weed dispensaries will hook you up with medical marijuana cards in 30 mins

May 22, 2017


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An online service that helps people seeking medical marijuana is launching kiosks in dispensaries to help patients connect with licensed doctors.

Although marijuana has been decriminalized in California and Nevada, dispensaries are still not licensed to actually sell recreational cannabis until 2018.

This means that you will still need to have a medical marijuana card in order to purchase pot products – unless the ganja is gifted to you.

Blazing a new forefront in medical marijuana availability is PrestoDoctor, which offers a fast, confidential and cost-effective way for citizens to become authorized medicinal marijuana users.

The platform allows seekers of THC to connect with fully certified and licensed doctors and receive their marijuana cards online.

Recognizing that not everybody has access to a smartphone or Internet, PrestoDoctor is launching telemedicine kiosks in dispensaries in California and Nevada, so that anyone can apply for a taste of Mary Jane.

The booths will be placed for free in dispensaries across California and Nevada, and will be first available in San Francisco, San Diego, and Oakland. There are also plans to roll out the kiosks in Las Vegas and Reno, Nevada.

The kiosks will reduce processing time as patients will be able to receive their paperwork and buy their medicine within 30 minutes. Patients sit down at a kiosk, register a PrestoDoctor account and schedule a video chat with a doctor in the next 30 minutes.

If the patient is approved during the consultation, they will have instant access to their pot as the paperwork is shared directly with the dispensary.

Kyle Powers, CEO of PrestoDoctor

“We want to allow patients to access medicinal marijuana with the same ease and efficiency as other forms of prescription drugs,” said Kyle Powers, Co-Founder and CEO of PrestoDoctor. “Now many more Americans without internet or smartphone access will be equally able to improve their wellbeing through prescription cannabis.”

PrestoDoctor is both the number one rated cannabis doctor service and number one rated telemedicine service online. The service is the most comprehensive as PrestoDoctor doctors are the only ones in the industry that offer personalized treatment plans for marijuana.

“We hope that by providing telemedicine kiosks we will help many more of the millions of Americans that may wish to use cannabis as a safer alternative to other forms of medication,” Powers continued. “This follows patterns of growing demand across the country, and makes it easy for people to quickly access the medication they need.”


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