Startup Bootcamp India will help aspiring entrepreneurs grow their businesses

May 24, 2017


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About 70% of India’s population lives in rural areas, which makes access to higher education, healthcare, or even running water difficult to come by, yet it is a country booming with entrepreneurial zeal.

It is a combination of ingenious resourcefulness along with a strong sense of community and camaraderie that make events like Startup Bootcamp India extremely beneficial to the startup community.

Startup Bootcamp India is a two-day event spanning across seven cities beginning on June 3. It is billed as an extravaganza where entrepreneurs, students, aspiring entrepreneurs, mentors, influencers, and startup enthusiasts come together to share real life experiences of the Startup Ecosystem and learn about all the “know hows” of starting up.

The cutoff date to apply is May 30, and the Startup Bootcamp will take place in Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Indore, Jaipur, and Ahmedabad with the main action taking place at the Delhi Technological University.

The event is not about ideas. It’s about making ideas happen and is geared towards providing aspiring entrepreneurs all the skills and tools they need to develop their talents, raise funding, hire, network, and scale their businesses.

Key highlights include:

• Workshops/Experience sharing on all “know hows”of starting up by people who have “Been there, Done that!”

• Speed Pitching (Startups will come and pitch their idea in front of the panel but with a twist)

• Mentor clinic (Startups/Aspiring entrepreneurs can come and discuss their ideas with Mentors)

• Live voting (There will be live voting for the selected startups by the audience and panel. YES REALLY!)

• Networking with the right people (A great opportunity to meet the well renowned industry leaders)

Panelists will give advice both in person and virtually and include Alysia Silberg from Street Global Venture Capital, Conrad Egusa from Publicize PR, and Aayush Jain from Unicorn India Ventures, among many, many others.

startup bootcamp India

Delhi Startups

The Startup Bootcamp Delhi Chapter is a part of the Delhi Startups community in India run by CEO Shivam Ahuja and VP of Startup Relations Divya Jasmera, and also includes Delhi Angels. 

Delhi Angels is India’s leading Angel Investment Network & Innovation Platform while Delhi Startups is a more than 25,000-strong community with an agenda to connect startup founders with right resources.


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