Startups showcase powerful new business solutions at Connect: Advanced AI

March 16, 2023


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OpenAI’s breakout hit, ChatGPT, was an overnight sensation. But the product was built on the shoulders of decades of research.

What was once a specialized field of computer science has now exploded into the mainstream and it’s set to fundamentally disrupt the business landscape as we know it today.

Market leaders like Google, Nvidia and are staking their futures on AI by changing up business models and strategic priorities. However, large enterprises won’t be the only ones furthering the growth of AI products.

Startups have the agility needed to work on targeted solutions that address specific pain points or gaps in the market meaning they’ll likely be reasonable for some of the most transformative AI products in the years to come. 

And this was clearly demonstrated during ‘Connect: Advanced AI.’ Held on March 9th, 2023, the event heard from a group of startup founders who are pushing the boundaries of AI technology and establishing the future of the industry for individuals and businesses alike. 

Let’s take a look at three winners from the event and the solutions that have been developed in line with a diverse range of business use cases. 

Tied First Place: Sportsbiz and Eyecue Insights

The first-place winner of the event was a tie between two startups offering improvements to sales and marketing activities with the help of advanced AI: Sportsbiz and Eyecue Insights.

Sportsbiz, led by Steve Feuerstein, is harnessing the power of AI and advanced analytics to help brands maximize sports marketing and sponsorship investments. 

SportsBiz’s DeepSportTM Solutions empowers marketing and brand managers to optimize decisions and maximize profit throughout the entire sponsorship lifecycle through its first-mover technology, helping companies reap their share of this 500 billion USD market.

Eyecue Insights, led by Carolina Banales, is a consulting company that helps brands improve their influencer marketing campaigns with a unique solution that goes far beyond raw data. 

Its image processing algorithms analyze visual social media content to offer much richer insights that help to refine influencer campaigns and their associated visual strategies.

In 2022 influencer marketing expanded into a $16.4 billion industry. Advanced AI solutions like Eyecue help companies navigate their way through this rapidly growing new marketing discipline to drive growth. 

Tied Second Place: WeBoard and Nexus Leap

Next, two business development solutions tied in second place: WeBoard and Nexus Leap. Advanced AI has the potential to transform standard business processes including training, administration, finance and data management. 

WeBoard is a comprehensive training platform based on a unique combination of immersive technologies to humanize online learning. 

The company creates realistic simulations of real situations that train humans through a natural spoken conversation using AI training bots and virtual reality.

This delivers a highly personal experience and makes training more effective and more enjoyable.

Nexus Leap empowers company workforces with data insights with real-time, cloud-based dashboards. Cloud technology is now a standard part of most company IT systems. Nexus Leap makes sense of these systems and connects disparate data networks to provide valuable insights that all departments can benefit from.

With all the data to hand, leaders can make proactive business decisions based on real evidence to positively impact their bottom line.

Third Place: Curie

Finally, third place was awarded to Curie and its advanced AI solution for e-commerce and digital sales. 

Augmented reality (AR) can improve the experience of online shopping, helping consumers make informed purchasing decisions.

Combining AR with e-commerce is also a strategy that speaks to the important Gen-Z demographic, with 55% of Gen-Z shoppers expecting to see AR options when shopping online. 

Yet creating a digital AR experience from scratch can be a costly and time-consuming process. Curie aims to help brands develop their e-commerce operation.

The company reduces the time to generate thousands of virtual assets from years to weeks and its API simplifies managing a  library of 3D products for virtual showrooms.

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