Palacio Inc. Launches Canvia, A Smart Digital Display That Makes Any Art Look Like A High Quality Print

April 30, 2018


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Palacio Inc. has recently announced the launch of Canvia, a smart art frame that uses the confluence of innovative technologies, device features and curated content to redefine “Art as an Experience”. Canvia gives customers the option to display a variety of artworks in a single frame, bringing flexibility to art buying.

Palacio Inc. combines cutting edge technical design with an artistic sensibility to create new ways of enhancing and experiencing the spaces in which we live and work. Its new device, Canvia, displays art from an expansive library, handpicked by the customer, which can be controlled via a web account or the Canvia mobile app.

Canvia is driven by Palacio’s ArtSense technology to simulate the behavior of print art on a digital screen using proprietary image processing techniques. Sensors read ambient visual conditions and this data is then used to actively adapt the digital display. In this way, a light-emitting object is made to appear solely light-reflective, as with prints, and this ensures all images retain a realistic, print-like quality whatever the environment. In fact, the patent-pending technologies make it difficult to differentiate Canvia from regular wall-hanging print art.

Customers can choose to display one art piece, or create a playlist of different pieces, from Palacio’s growing catalog of over 3K artworks. The varied collection includes art across genres, eras and cultures from both famous and up-and-coming artists, and all works are individually curated and tested for quality. Canvia’s unique recommendation engine then suggests art as it learns more about customers’ specific décor and preferences. The color and size of the wooden frame can also be chosen to suit the desired style and surroundings.

Since no two artworks are created alike, Canvia displays pieces in both a vertical and horizontal position, and curates each playlist to specifically suit each orientation. A zoom feature further allows the viewer to move around the artwork for a closer look at details, such as paint texture and brushstrokes, or to highlight a particular area of interest. The Canvia app also gives the option of displaying information about the original piece directly on the artwork.

Each year, an estimated US$150 billion is spent by consumers on arts and culture-related goods in the U.S. However, this art market often feels restricted or intimidating, confined to the wealthy elite or art connoisseurs. Many people find it hard to justify investing in a single work of art due to the expense of buying something so unique that may not always fit to a changing personal taste or style over the years. Palacio Inc., however, aims to disrupt the art and decoration market by giving everyone access to thousands of art pieces in a single frame. Incorporating technology into the beauty of art not only makes the experience more interactive for the consumer, but allows for flexibility. With Canvia, anyone can hang art in their homes, and adapt their art to fit their changing tastes in décor as time goes on.

“We want to bring real value to customers through decorative and smart products that enlighten their living and work spaces and adapt to different decoration themes,” said Rahul Ranjan, founder and CEO of Palacio Inc. “Canvia represents a long desired device that empowers “Art as an Experience” for art enthusiasts and maintains a high quality print look at the same time.”


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