Rumours of iOS 4.2 release this Friday

November 10, 2010


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The new multi-tasking bar on the iPad

The new multi-tasking bar on the iPad

Rumours circulating the blogosphere this morning suggest the possible release of iOS 4.2 this Friday, as well as a possible update to iTunes 10.1 and OS X 10.6.5 later today.

The source of the rumours appears to be the German blog iFun. A quick Google Translate of the post reports their suspicions about the November 12th iOS 4.2 release date, as well as some talk about the proposed AirPrint wireless printing feature.

iOS promises a range of new features and changes that include:

  • Multi-tasking, folders, and Game Center for the iPad (features that already exist in the iPhone and iPod Touch)
  • AirPrint – allows direct printing to a printer on a wireless network (although we’re sceptical as to whether this feature will make the iOS 4.2 release)
  • AirPlay – allows media streaming from an iPad to Apple TV and other compatible devices
  • The hardware button for orientation lock on the iPad is now a silent mode switch
  • iAds ability in supported apps
  • A unified mailbox for multiple email accounts and the ability to organise emails using threads in the Mail app
  • In-page Safari search
  • Ability to change font in the Notes app

Here’s a first look video from CNET TV on the features found in the iOS 4.2 beta for iPad:


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