Samsung Galaxy S Android 2.2 update begins roll out

Samsung Galaxy S

A recent tweet from Samsung UK Mobile (@samsungukmobile) has announced the roll out of Android 2.2 to Samsung Galaxy S devices. The update was originally planned for mid-October but had been delayed until now.

The tweet on the Samsung UK Mobile account reads:

Android 2.2, also known as Froyo, contains a lot of small enhancements including general OS speed and performance optimisations, updated Market app, integration of Chrome’s V8 JavaScript engine in the Browser app, voice dialing, and of course support for Adobe Flash 10.1. A full list of Froyo highlights can be seen here on the Android developers website.

The update will be made available to everyone by the end of November. Meanwhile, Samsung advise downloading the latest version of Kies in preparation for their device update.


  1. This Froyo non-event is becomming more and more annoying. It seems impossible to get Samsung on the phone (a human, that is). I got one answer from the Samsung support website contact form- “DL the latest Kies version and if that doesn’t work goto your Network’s retail outlet”.
    Unfortunately the qouted info at the bottom of the contact form reply showed me as “Country: Britain” so they obviously don’t care enough about Irish users to detect, categorise and support them properly.
    I’ve called Meteor (my carrier), and I’ve gone to their shop in Tullamore. In both cases- “We don’t know anything, you need to contact Samsung.”

    1. @tantalusdigital Unfortunately this is the problem when individual manufacturers are responsible for providing OS updates to their devices. They seem to lose the incentive once the handset has been sold. Probably one of the iPhone’s biggest advantages is you only need iTunes to update. I personally have a Samsung Galaxy Spica and had to do an unofficial update to get 2.1 which isn’t recommended, bit buggy at times. I read somewhere though that Android 3.0 (a long way off probably) will be able to update itself, without manufacturer intervention.

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