Call of Duty: Black Ops hidden game discovered

Secret game found in Black Ops
Secret game found in Black Ops
Secret game found in Black Ops
Secret game found in Black Ops

Update: To access the hidden game the L2 and R2 buttons of your PS3 controller, or Xbox equivalent, must be “mashed” instead of both analog sticks as previously published.

In a little over two hours Call of Duty: Black Ops will be officially released on sale here in Ireland. The game is said to include a ‘hidden game’ found within its main menu.

The hidden game is accessed by pointing the view camera down in the Black Ops main menu and “mashing” both analog sticks of your control pad. A character will appear to unstrap himself form a chair and is then allowed to roam free through the ‘main menu’ room. From here you find a computer and enter the characters ‘DOA’ to access a hidden game called Dead Ops Arcade.

There are no rumours yet of any other games that can be played by entering other code combination’s, but we’re sure these will be discovered very shortly by COD enthusiasts if they exist.

Thanks to Recon Republic for bringing this video to our attention.

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