Swype for Android available in limited beta

Swype for Android keyboard

Swype for Android keyboardSwype for Android is one of those killer apps that few people know about. The app replaces your default Android keyboard with a Swype keyboard and an alternative method of inputting text.

Instead of tapping keys as normal, users must slide their finger around the keyboard to input text. While this method may sound strange, it takes very little time to adapt to this alternative. Swype’s creators claim that the app can make text input up to 30% quicker.

As Swype is currently still in beta it’s not available on the Android market. Instead, you’ll have to sign-up on the Swype beta website and request an invite to use the app. Beta invites are limited so I’d hurry on over if you really want one.

Here’s a video [1:30] showing how to use Swype:

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